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A glimpse of some of our most successful corporate campaigns

NDTV Dettol Swachh Banega India

We partnered with NDTV and Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol) to contribute to our country’s national mission of creating a cleaner healthier India – Swachh Bharat. In Jan 2015 the Dettol NDTV Banega Swachh India initiative kicked off a corporate volunteering programme where 1.13 crore hours of volunteering time was pledged to clean India.

Behtar India with DHFL Pramerica and NDTV

The Behtar India Campaign was launched in 2016 to build a better future for India. The essence of the campaign was to mobilize students and ordinary citizens to join a nationwide movement that focuses on health, hygiene and environment.

The Behtar Swasthya (health Stage of the campaign aimed to fight the scourge of mosquito borne diseases Students from all over the country drove the campaign to become crusaders for the cause. School authorities and students crowd funded the campaign and the funds raised were used to provide mosquito protection kits to underprivileged students. The campaign also called upon corporates to join the movement.

UN Habitat Coca Cola NDTV Support My School Campaign

UN Habitat Coca Cola NDTV Support My School was launched in 2010 and continued for three years. This campaign was supported by Coca-Cola, UN-Habitat, Pearson Foundation, Tata Teleservices, HCCBPL, Global Water Challenge (Merck), and H20 for Life. The campaign was designed to intervene on the poor conditions of schools in India, including, lack of water, poor sanitation (washroom facilities) and hygiene, ill-equipped sports infrastructure and landscaping. Lack of basic amenities like toilets, access to water and basic Infrastructure, which create an unwelcoming and non-conducive environment in schools, leading to absenteeism and high dropout rates.

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Featured Story
Devi Will Win the Race

Hailing from a small village, called Kuranda in Nagercoil, Devi, 14 joined Isha Vidhya (a unit of Isha Education) as a pre-schooler. In this short span of time, Devi and her family have been through several ups and downs.

The family had dealt a severe blow in 2015, when her father, who worked for a fish-net company met with a near-fatal accident. Her father survived but was unable to work. Having a courageous mother was a boon. Devi had barely passed Class VI, yet her mother was determined to educate her children and empower them to chase their dreams. There were times they slept on an empty stomach, but she did not budge from her commitment.

After two trying years, her mother finally landed a job in a fish-net company. Today, she is the sole bread-winner, earning a humble ₹5,000 a month. With no financial support from relatives or friends, the family somehow manages.

Devi is a scholarship student and her education is sponsored by employees of CISCO through CAF India’s Employee Giving Programme. Devi excels in sports. From 2015 to 2018, she has won first prize in running, high jump and long jump. She has also won multiple cash prizes. She aims to buck up in academics and excel there too.

Devi is a sportswoman in the making and with the right encouragement and guidance, she will make a name for herself.

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